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Our Partners

We proactively collaborate with other financial, legal & tax professionals so that we can provide you with comprehensive wealth management services & simplify your financial life.

Over the years, we’ve developed a team of third-party professionals that are competent, proactive, and reasonably priced. We often partner with them in order to effectively meet the unique and complex needs that our clients have.

We Collaborate With

Business Attorneys

To help us produce legal documents and advise us on various legal strategies.

Tax CPAs

To help us with tax preparation and comprehensive tax planning.

Insurance Agents

To help us analyze and select insurance-related products for our clients.

Estate Attorneys

To assist us with document production and trust and estate tax strategies.

Trust Administrators

To help us administer, manage and account for our client’s trusts and related assets.

Business Appraisal Firms

To help us value our client’s businesses for external reporting purposes (Zeniki can value for internal reporting purposes).

Business Transaction Specialists

To assist us with tax minimization strategies and the execution of our client’s business sales.