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Our Report Card

“I believe that accountability is the basis of all meaningful human achievement”

Sam Silverstein

At the end of every year (or at the end of an engagement) we request that our clients grade us on our work.

While always optional, we strongly encourage clients to fill it out because we believe it’s an important tool that brings accountability to us.  Further, it helps us identify areas that need improvement and enables us to better serve our clients over time.

We Ask You To Grade Us On The Following Criteria

Our Responsiveness
  • Did we answer all emails, phone calls and questions in a timely manner?
Our Communication Style
  • Did we communicate with you in an easy-to-understand manner (in layman’s terms) and in the manner that you preferred?
Our Proactiveness
  • Did we appear proactive in anticipating your financial needs?
Our Attention to Detail
  • Was the information that was presented to you thorough and comprehensive?
Our Transparency
  • Was the pricing of our services clearly explained and shown prominently in our invoices and reports?
  • Did we present the results of our services to you in a clear and transparent manner?
  • Was our decision making (why we did what we did) clearly explained to you?
Our Objectivity
  • Did we appear impartial in our recommendations?
  • Did we appear to advise you solely from the perspective of having your best interests in mind?
The Results You Achieved
  • Did our services get you closer to, or allow you to achieve your financial goals?
  • Did our services provide you with greater confidence & peace of mind regarding your financial future?
  • Did our services allow you to make more informed financial decisions?
Your Overall Satisfaction
  • How satisfied were you with our overall level of service?
  • How satisfied were you with our pricing?
  • How satisfied were you with the level of value that you believe you received from us?