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Portfolio Management

A Simple, Time-Tested Approach to Investing

Our Process

We’ll first review your investment statements to gain an understanding of what you’ve been invested in, what your historical return has been, & how your investments have been managed. We’ll also review our investment philosophy in more detail with you, in order to make sure that we’re on the same page.

We’ll then discuss your attitudes towards risk and your beliefs about the stock market and investing (which will be formally documented in your Risk Tolerance Questionnaire).

We’ll discuss other important factors, like your time horizon, income needs and investment goals, so that we can be confident that your investment portfolio will meet your unique needs.

Based on all of this, we’ll recommend a simple yet diversified portfolio for you, one that’s anchored by low-cost ETF’s in order to minimize investment costs and maximize efficiency.

Complete detail of all recommended investments (along with the rationale behind them) are then outlined to you in a document called you Investment Policy Statement.

If you’re agreeable to our recommendations and would like us to manage your investments on your behalf, we’ll begin the implementation process by transferring your funds to our custodian (Charles Schwab).

For clients transferring existing portfolios, we are careful to minimize potential capital gains and always mindful of legacy & concentrated positions. For those investing new cash, we utilize a dollar cost averaging approach in order to dampen the potential effects of market volatility.

Once your investment portfolio has been implemented, we’ll monitor your performance on a regular basis, rebalancing and making adjustments when your needs or market dynamics change.

Our Investment
  • Make investment decisions from a long-term perspective Don’t try to time the market.
  • Maintain an independent mindset and avoid Wall Street fads, noise and sensationalism.
  • Buy cheap and invest in areas that you thoroughly understand.
Our Communication
  • Everything is explained to you in layman’s terms
  • We never us industry lingo to describe your wealth
  • We’ll never describe your performance using letters of the Greek alphabet (alpha, beta, etc.).

Access to Alternative Investments:

  • Including real estate, private equity, bridge loans, and more.
  • Depending on your wealth and financial situation, these investments can potentially provide diversification and tax benefits.

Robust Investment Reporting:

  • Depending on your needs, we can provide you with in-depth reporting that details every aspect of your wealth.
  • Depending on your wealth and financial situation, these investments can potentially provide diversification and tax benefits.

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