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Estate Planning

You’ve Spent Your Entire Life Building Your Wealth:
Let Us Help You Preserve It

Organizing your affairs in preparation for the end of your life is an important task (and one that many people understandably put off). The estate planning process helps determine who will make decisions on your behalf, who will inherit your assets, and how to avoid unnecessary taxes and waiting periods.

Let us guide you on developing & maintaining a comprehensive estate plan:

We’ll first talk about you and your family and the goals that you have for your estate.

We’ll discuss what’s been done so far with your estate plan and any concerns that you may have.

We’ll then review all of your estate planning documents to make sure that they detail exactly how your assets will be managed and administered, and we’ll recommend changes for any gaps or ambiguity that we see. For those that don’t already have these documents prepared, we can help you draft them.

For applicable clients, we may recommend setting up various trusts to assist with your estate planning needs, and we’ll be able to help you administer them once they’re up and running.

To ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of your assets, we’ll comb through your accounts to make sure that all relevant parties (including beneficiaries, power of attorneys, trust administrators, etc.) have been appropriately designated and clearly identified.

For HNW individuals and large estates, we’ll employ various strategies (such as gifting, incorporating valuation discounts into your illiquid investments, and utilizing various tax-efficient vehicles (such as family limited partnerships, and AB, QTIP and ILI trusts)) to minimize your estate tax and preserve as much of your wealth as possible.


We use WealthTec® financial and estate planning software to help us meet the complex wealth management needs of our high-net-worth clients. The software enables us to quickly perform complex “What-If” analysis in order to optimize various trust and estate planning strategies.


Clearly and holistically see how different strategies and assumptions can affect wealth across generations:

    Directly cross-compare different estate planning options, and view them side-by-side for easy analysis:


      Quickly analyze the financial implications of different trust vehicles and strategies: