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Financial Planning

Not having a financial plan is like building a house without blueprints: the ultimate result may not be what you envisioned. At Zeniki, we help you create a customized & comprehensive financial plan so that you’re in the best position to accomplish what’s most important to you.

Creating Your Customized Financial Plan


Our initial meetings with you are dedicated to understanding who you are and where you want to go. We’ll discuss your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance & liquidity needs, as well as the future that you envision for you and your family.


We’ll then pore over all of your important financial documents (like your prior tax returns and investment statements) in order to get a complete understanding of your wealth and determine a rate of return that’s needed to accomplish your goals. We’ll also use financial planning software to help us identify any risks in the plan and make adjustments as needed.


Next, we’ll recommend a diversified investment portfolio for you, one designed to accomplish your objectives while remaining within your risk parameters.


Once you agree to our financial recommendations, we’ll then purchase the appropriate mix of investments (such as stocks, bonds, alternatives, etc.) through the appropriate vehicles (individual securities, ETF’s, etc.) in the appropriate accounts (non-qualified & qualified accounts, trusts, etc.). For clients transferring existing portfolios, we are careful to minimize potential capital gains. For those investing new cash, we utilize a dollar cost averaging approach in order to dampen the potential effects of market volatility.


Once your financial plan has been implemented, we monitor your performance on a regular basis, rebalancing and making adjustments when your needs or market dynamics change.


We use RightCapital® software to help us meet the financial planning needs of our clients. It allows us to quickly and easily perform complex calculations and incorporate them into financial plans with the click of a button.


Easily and intuitively see how different strategies and assumptions can affect retirement and financial goals:


    Seamlessly optimize social security benefits for maximum impact:


      Quickly compare different Roth conversion strategies to find the optimal path:


        Track and forecast taxes years in advance, down to the line item: