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Zeniki’s Name Explained

The name Zeniki ( Zin-eh-kee ) is derived from two Japanese concepts:
  • Kaizen: Which means “Change for the Better” (or, continuous improvement), and
  • Ikigai: Which means “A Reason for Being” (or, your passion or purpose in life).

Zeniki embodies these concepts because it is a firm that is run by people with the same passion: the passion to learn, improve, and maximize the value that’s provided to our clients.

We channel this passion into specific areas to help shape our core competencies, and we work relentlessly on them so that they can become durable competitive advantages.

Zeniki’s Competitive Advantages

Knowledge Base

  • We’re never satisfied with what we know
  • We constantly push ourselves to know more, with a focus on investment analysis & reporting, and tax & estate planning.

Fair & Simple Fees

At Zeniki, we have a flat organizational structure and a staff that’s skilled in a variety of areas, both of which give us the ability to charge lower fees than most of our competitors.

Our Work Ethic

We don’t play golf and we don’t focus on marketing and selling. We’re passionate about areas of wealth management that matter to you, which drives us to work hard & focus our time on what matters most.

Our Level of Service

  • We’re Transparent: We go to great lengths to provide you with details into our decision making so that you have a clear understanding of what we did and why we did it.
  • We’re Responsive: No matter how busy we get, we always have time for you. We pride ourselves on being readily available to meet your needs.
  • We’re Direct in Our Communications: We always explain things to you in layman’s terms, and we always communicate in a clear, open and honest manner.